Andrew Tozier Arrested for Larceny

Andrew Tozier was originally a member of the 2nd Maine, but having signed three years papers instead of two as the rest of the 2nd Maine did, he and a group of 125 unhappy 2nd Mainers were sent to serve out the rest of their enlistment in the 20th Maine. As a contemporary historian records, "These recruits - or a certain part of them - refused to serve as ordered, claiming the implied contract was that they should return with the regiment. They afterwards submitted to the mild persuasions and kind treatment of Col. Chamberlain."1
    It was perhaps with some knowledge that it would help unite the two regiments around one flag that Chamberlain made Tozier color sergeant. It was in this roll that Chamberlain would remember Tozier on Little Round Top bravely fighting alone, the colors under one arm while firing with the other.2 The speech mentioned on page 2 where Chamberlain praised Tozier was The Battle of Gettysburg
    Tozier undoubtedly had the knack for foraging that many in the Army of the Potomac were known for. However some soldiers like Tozier after returning home could not shake the habit of stealing for survival.
    Though Tozier's reputation as a brave soldier apparently helped him escape conviction on some of his crimes, his stealing eventually caught up with him and landed him in jail.
    Though Chamberlain undoubtedly knew pardoning Tozier would be an unpopular move politically, he not only pardoned him but offered him a safe haven in his own home.