Title: Reports of the United States Commissioners to the Paris Universal Exposition 1878, Volume II
Publisher: Government Printing Office, Washington
Date Published: 1880
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Europe, travel, education
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Education at the Universal Exposition Paris

Upon returning home the Bowdoin Orient reports that Chamberlain was thronged by students from the College eager to escort him home, "To the baroche, drawn by four horses, he was conducted between the lines of students, arranged in order with torches." A band led him on his way to his home. "When the procession hand halted in front of his residence, the President expressed his many thanks to the students for this hearty welcome, so unexpected to him, and their pledge to their friendship for him. At the conclusion of his remarks, the air was rent with cheers for President Chamberlain and B-o-w-d-o-i-n."

Later in the week at a formal reception Professor Packard arose and "alluded to the fact that this was the second occasion in the history of the College when its President was welcomed home from Europe." Chamberlain, "After expressing his gratitude to the Faculty and students for this kind reception, he spoke at length of his mission to Europe, where he was sent as an Honorary Commissioner on Education. His hearers were interested in listening to the results of his careful observation on the various educational systems of Europe. The President, in closing, referred to the success of the French Republic which he ascribed in a great measure to the dissemination of political education. At the close of the speech, the students marched out by classes, each one shaking hands with the President on the way."1