Title: Proceedings, Findings and Opinions of the Court of Inquiry Part 2
Publisher: Government Printing Office, Washington
Date Published: 1883
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Gouverneur K. Warren
Permissions: public domain
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Warren Court of Inquiry part 2

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Keep in mind when reading these differing accounts that Ayres, Griffin and Chamberlain were all friends who trusted each other's moves in battle. They did not get along well with Crawford who was Griffin's senior and who had commanded the corps once before as Lyman remembers, "General Warren has a short leave, and General Crawford commands the Corps, to the indignation, I presume, of old cocks like Griffin and Ayres; for C. was doctor in Fort Sumter, and thus got a star, and thus is an old brigadier, and thus ranks the regulars G. and A."1
    Ayres describes some of this tension on page 269 of part 1, remembering his answer to Griffin's inquiries, "There is nothing new, Griffin; Crawford has taken his division away and left me to fight alone. The same old story."
    Fortunately for Griffin, Sheridan had the opinion that Crawford was not in the fight at Five Forks, so when Warren was removed Griffin was given his place over Crawford. Wainwright recalls of Sheridan that "he inquired who was the ranking division commander. On learning that it was Crawford, he pooh-poohed; and then told Griffin that by authority from General Grant he placed him in command." 2 Chamberlain remembers Griffin wanting to go even farther and give him Crawford's division and thus remove Crawford from command; but Chamberlain thought this might not be a wise move politically and advised his superior against it.3