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West Funk to the Maine Legislature

Detail of image from OR atlas showing the positions of the Army of the Potomac July 28, 1864. Original can be viewed at:

Funk was a member of the 121st Pa. and was on Chamberlain's staff at the time of the charge. This letter adds some confusion as to where Chamberlain was charging to on the 18th of June in front of Petersburg. Funk recalls it as being near the site of the mine explosion. The mine, seen on the map above, appears well north of the ground the 5th Corps fought on. Other accounts like the History of the 187th Pa. would more clearly place the attack at Rives Salient. Chamberlain would visit the ground years later and describe his postion in his speech Reminiscences of Petersburg and Appomattox.
    Though West Funk only served under Chamberlain briefly, Chamberlain would record Funk's heroic actions in his book The Passing of the Armies on page 146.