Keywords: E.W. Whitaker, white flag, surrender, Appomattox
Credit: Edward Whitaker to Joshua Chamberlain, April 29, 1901, State Archives, Connecticut State Library.
Permissions: Used by written permission Connecticut State Library
E.W. Whitaker to Joshua L. Chamberlain 1901

In the 1901 speech Not a Sound of Trumpet given only a few days after the date of this letter, Chamberlain includes the information that Whitaker provided in this letter.
    In his next speech in 1903 called Appomattox Chamberlain would describe another flag of truce arriving before Whitaker's. Chamberlain's source for this new information was the 1902 investigations done by the 155th Pennsylvania seen in their history Under the Maltese Cross page 682.

The "the statements of General Gordon early, or late" seen on page 5 refers to Gordons speech, Last Days of the Confederacy.

See also Whitaker's 1896 account The White Towel of Appomattox.