Syracuse Courier and Union

Because he gives such facts as what chair at Bowdoin Chamberlain had resigned, it is likely that this reporter interviewed Chamberlain at some point. However on page five we see that Griffin was interviewed and he could have provided that information.
    The hope that Warren would resume command of the Fifth Corps, seen on the top of page two, was something all the subordinate officers were hoping for, Chamberlain would admit later to the Warren Court of Inquiry that he believed the removal to be temporary.
    The quote, "'Chamberlain,' said Griffin, 'can't you save the honor of the Fifth Corps?'" could have possibly come from an interview with Chamberlain or others, Chamberlain was behind the line in reserve at the time, so there is some chance the reporter heard it himself. Years later Chamberlain would ascribe this quote to Warren. See his speech White Oak Road
    On page seven the reporter guesses, "that Chamberlain will succeed [Griffin] in division command, unless 'out ranked.'" Chamberlain was indeed out ranked by Bartlett, but in the last battles was detached and fought directly under Sheridan's command. After the surrender Bartlett left the 5th Corps and the Division Command was finally given to Chamberlain.

Because of the excitement of the surrender these last battles were overlooked until years later when the Warren Court of Inquiry brought them to light. If it had not been for that this reporters predictions might not have come true,
"What shall I say for Chamberlain, who beyond all question, is the first of our brigade commanders, having been the hero of both Quaker Road and Gravelly Run, and in this action of Five Forks making the air ring with the applauding huzzas of his soldiers, who love him. His is one of the names that will survive the common wreck of shoulder straps after the war."

This account was later incorporated into a book by its author called, Campaigns of a non-combatant