Title: Autobiography and Miscellanea
Publisher: L.C. Childs and Son, Utica
Date Published: 1912
Author: John G. Wright
Keywords: Joshua Chamberlain, Lawrence Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Professor
Permissions: public domain
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Autobiography and Miscellanea
by John G. Wight 1912

On page 19 Wight, a former student of Chamberlain's, gives us a rare and wonderful look at Chamberlain as a young professor before he went off to war. Picturing him as a well-mannered and quiet man who was the last person anyone could imagine involved in the dirty business of war.
    His quietness however, was not caused by a lack of inner strength, Chamberlain admits in his autobiography that he had a stutter as a child. Words beginning with "p," "b," and "t," would bring on a stammer. Overcoming this with several tricks to get around or over the letters, most people were not aware of his disability.
    Wight however, seemed to notice his professors trip ups, but blamed it on the professors extreme passion for his new cause saying, "At such times his vehemence occasionally got the better of his facility in extempore speaking."
"The time has come," Wight remembered Chamberlain saying, "when we are to determine whether we are a nation or a - or a - or a basket of chips."
This quote not only shows Chamberlain's reasons for going to war, but also might be the only quote of his stutter, repeating "or a", possibly not for emphasis but to get a running start at the letter "b" that followed.